About & Privacy

Flexible learning:

  • Student can choose lessons consisting of 5 to 900 questions.
  • Lessons' lengths can be adjusted on the fly.

Two modes of learning:

  • Practice mode: provides immediate feedback.
  • Exam mode: simulates an exam.

Results tracking feature::

  • Keeps a history of all past results.
  • Student's time to complete each question can be compared against target time.
  • The review screen at end of each lesson allows students to review all questions in depth.
  • Last 3 results are conveniently displayed in main window for each scenario.

Privacy Policy::

  • We take privacy seriously. We do not collect personally identifiable information from users of our apps. We do not show ads inside our apps. We do not collect anonymous activity data to help us improve our products. Past results of exams are stored locally on the mobile device (to provide a way for the student to track his or her progress). Stored results never leave your mobile device' storage).